Welcome to Heartfelt With Hayet, an inspirational talk show dedicated to bringing you real lives, real people, and real stories! Founded in 2021, our show champions mental health awareness and provides a platform for guests to share their stories in a safe and supportive environment.

We believe that everyone has a story to tell, and that by sharing our stories, we can connect with each other on a deeper level. We are committed to providing a space where guests can feel comfortable and open, and where viewers can learn and be inspired!

We are excited to share our stories with you, and we hope that you will join us on this journey!

“We know we cannot change the past but we can use the knowledge to change the future and inspire greatness!”

– Hayet, Founder

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Former banker, Hayet Ekeleme is now a mental health advocate and media personality. Hayet has appeared on ITV, Channel 4, BBC, NOW TV, and Sky.

After leaving banking, Hayet took over the management of her family’s mental health care home. Hayet also pursued her passion for makeup artistry, building an impressive portfolio of celebrity clients.

Through her work and “heartfelt” exchanges with clients, Hayet discovered that many people in the public eye struggle with mental health. With their permission, Hayet began sharing their stories to help inspire others to speak out about their mental health struggles.

In 2021, Hayet launched her show, “Heartfelt with Hayet,” which champions mental health awareness. “Heartfelt with Hayet” has been praised for its honest and informative interviews. The show has also been credited with raising awareness of mental health issues and helping people to seek help. She hopes that her show will help destigmatize mental illness and provide a platform for people to share their stories.